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Hereford Sires

Current Sires (Horn):

DSC_7406_x2Karoonda Viggo P506 (H) SKSP506


Purchased in 2020 at Karoonda’s Annual Bull Sale, we believe Viggo is a balanced, correct bull with excellent eye appeal.We are looking forward to his first calves in 2021.





Yarram Park Star General P154 (H) YPHP154DSC_7488_x2


Star General was purchased at Yarram Park’s Annual Bull Sale in 2020. He displays good length of body and doing ability, along with a low birth weight and high growth on Breedplan. Star General’s first calves will be on the ground in 2021.



Yavenvale Giteau A391 (H) YAVA391

ABRI Link 

Giteau is an older, proven bull that we purchased semen in due to his proven low birth weight, high milk and Top 1% IMF. His progeny are correct, with smooth shoulders, sufficient growth and maternal potential. We believe Giteau’s daughter will be exceptional cows and eagerly wait for them to calve down in 2021.



BowmontDomLadG085Bowmont Dom Lad G085 (H) GRKG085


Dom Lad was purchased privately from Hyland Herefords in 2018. Dom Lad is a big, strong bull with great shape, carcass and length. He has an impressive proven IMF EBV of +2.4, which is Top 1% of the breed. His first draft of bulls at Glendan Park sell in 2021.


Tarcombe Unique J142 (H) THSJ142TARCOMBE-UNIQUEJ142


We purchased Unique at the Hereford National (Wodonga) 2015 for $24,000. Unique ticked a lot of boxes: structurally sound, with plenty of carcass and maternal strength. Unfortunately, we lost Unique during his first joining, however his calves exhibit low birth weights and sufficient growth. J142 daughters have excellent udders and milking ability. Unique is a trait leader for Gestation Length and is the HIGHEST proven Australian bull in the breed for Milk at +37.


On-Property Bull Sale

26th Feb 2021 – 1pm
42 Quality Hereford & Poll Hereford Bulls

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