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Reference Sires (Horn):


Bundarra D Top Gun T040 (H) BDHT040


Purchased at the Wodonga National in 2000, for the Sale top price of $30000. Sired by Courallie Pompeii, his daughters are outstanding with excellent udders and milking ability.

Sons have sold to:

$55000 for Glendan Park Top Gun W042, to Mendip Hills Station, New Zealand in 2003.

Also sired Glendan Park Top Gun W027, (full ET brother to W042), for $40000 to Paul & Nola Rogers, Centennial Herefords, NSW.




Red Hill Valour (H) YYYVB16


Purchased in 2002 at the Wodonga National for $40000, has sired some excellent females with plenty of capacity.

Sons have sold to:

A top of $26000 for Glendan Park Ayr A093, to the Miles and family Bingeberry Herefords, NSW in 2007.




Reference3Glendan Park Storm W134 (H) FSAW134


Sold at Wodonga National in 2004 for $24000 to the King Family, Bowmont Herefords, VIC & the Nixon Family, Devon Court Stud, QLD after being named Senior and Grand Champion. A great breeding bull, breeds true –to- type, sound, functional cattle. Storms EBVs have improved year on year as more progeny are recorded.

Sons have sold for:

$23000 in 2008, Daughters are functional with good udders.

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