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Reference Sires:

Warringa Google G23 (H) KEEG023KEEG023_l

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Google was purchased from Warringa Herefords privately in 2013. An easy doing bull that is siring cattle with his same growth, length, depth of body and pigment. Google has sired the 2016 and 2017 Grand Champions at the Wodonga National, as well as the Top Price Horn Bulls in our Annual Sale. His daughters are exceptional breeders in our herd. Google is a trait leader for 200D, 400D, 600D and Milk on Breedplan.

Sons have sold to:

$52,000 for GP Knockout K160 at the Hereford National (Wodonga) to Yarram Park and Cara Park Studs.
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$32,000 for GP Lassoo L137 at the Hereford National (Wodonga) to Devon Court Herefords, QLD.
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$25,000 for GP New Sensation N060 at the Hereford National (Wodonga) to Amos-Vale Herefords, NSW.

$22,000 for GP Mason M106 – Top Price Horn Bull 2018 On-Property Sale to Ross Trethowan, NSW.

$14,000 for GP Lawson L139 – Top Price Horn Bull 2017 On-Property Sale to Marie Paton, Vic.

Yarram Unique F107 (H) YPHF107YARRAM_UNIQUEF107

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Unique F107 is siring calves that are born small and grow out well. He is a trait leader for 600D and Milk on Breedplan.

Sons of F107 have sold to $26,000 for GP Megastar M026 to the Starr family, Forxforth Herefords, NSW. Click here for Megastar’s Pedigree, as well as topping our 2020 Annual Bull Sale at $16,000.

Cootharaba Magnum (H) COOA013

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Purchased in 2007 for $42,000 in partnership with Mawarra Herefords.

“The complete package”, Magnum was selected for his weight for age, carcass attributes, outstanding structure, excellent EBVs, outcross pedigree, maternal strength, all wrapped up in excellent skin & hair and great cosmetics.

Magnum has made a big impact at Glendan Park (with sons and daughters), sons continue to do so in Australia and overseas.

Sons have sold:

For up to $70,000 for Glendan Park Everest E126 – Click here for Pedigree in 2011 to Ardno and Tondara Studs.

Glendan Park Empire E002 – Click here for Pedigree also sold in 2011 for $62,000 to Yarram Park and Cootharaba Studs

Glendan Park Eclipse E040 – Click here for Pedigree $26,000 sold in 2011 to Devon Court Stud

Glendan Park Emerald E072 sold for $22,000 in 2011 to South Boorook Stud,

in 2012 Glendan Park Federation F026 – Click here for Pedigree was sold for $30000 to Glenwarrah Herefords,

South Boorook and New Zealand semen rights to Robert Stokes, New Zealand.

Bundarra D Top Gun T040 (H) BDHT040

Reference1Click here for Pedigree

Purchased at the Wodonga National in 2000, for the Sale top price of $30000. Sired by Courallie Pompeii, his daughters are outstanding with excellent udders and milking ability.

Sons have sold to:

$55,000 for Glendan Park Top Gun W042, to Mendip Hills Station, New Zealand in 2003.

Also sired Glendan Park Top Gun W027, (full ET brother to W042), for $40,000 to Paul & Nola Rogers, Centennial Herefords, NSW.


Red Hill Valour (H) YYYVB16

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Purchased in 2002 at the Wodonga National for $40000, has sired some excellent females with plenty of capacity.

Sons have sold to:

A top of $26,000 for Glendan Park Ayr A093, to the Miles and family Bingeberry Herefords, NSW in 2007.

Reference3Glendan Park Storm W134 (H) FSAW134

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Sold at Wodonga National in 2004 for $24000 to the King Family, Bowmont Herefords, VIC & the Nixon Family, Devon Court Stud, QLD after being named Senior and Grand Champion. A great breeding bull, breeds true –to- type, sound, functional cattle. Storms EBVs have improved year on year as more progeny are recorded, including +1.1 for IMF.

Sons have sold for:

$23,000 in 2008, Daughters are functional with good udders.

$65,000 for GP Keno K060 at the Hereford National (Wodonga) to Newcomen Herefords.
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Braybrook Craftsman C235 (P) SGEC235


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Purchased at Dubbo National Poll Hereford Show and Sale in 2009 for $22000, after being judged Intermediate and Grand Champion.

A bull with excellent weight for age, structure, mobility all combined with great carcass attributes. At Dubbo at 21 months Craftsman weighed 996 kgs and had an EMA of 134cm. Craftsman bred exceptionally well and true to type, siring many Hereford National Show and Sale (Wodonga) Champions.

In 2012, Craftsman was sold to Glenwarrah Herefords, NSW.

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